Wednesday, August 27, 2008

A Traveling Man

I've been traveling around the states now for almost a month, meeting with lots of great people, family and friends along the way. Been all over, from DC, to Detroit, to Chicago, to southern Wisconsin, to Arizona and the Grand Canyon, to Los Angeles and Malibu and now up in Portland. Been a blast so far. Soon I'll be headed back to Massachusetts to work for a few weeks and then take off for New Zealand, my next big adventure. My German roomate and I are heading down there for an amazing year working. I plan on working for a caterer or a restaurant at the start and we'll see where I end up after a year.

Here are some pictures from my US trip so far:

Taking my dad to see the Red Sox at Fenway

This man had a private tour of the Capital and loved it

The one and only Tony Packos with a group of rocking relatives

With cousin Kevin and the one and only Grandpa Peacock

With Shannon on the Detroit River cruise around Canada and Detroit

The Grand Canyon!

Loving it

Captain Romania towards the end of the 2nd day, close to the top

Great people out in Malibu