Saturday, September 27, 2008

It's flying time

I'm at the airport, ready to take off for a day in Los Angeles with some old friends and then fly through Fiji to New Zealand. The south pacific adventures are about to begin. It's cold and rainy out here in the East Coast, so it's definitely time to move south to an island, just like a bird. Instead of the days getting colder and shorter, they'll be getting warmer and longer. Sounds damn good to me.

I'm rocking the same well-traveled bags as when I was in Germany, pretty light and with extra room for the Kiwi bird I aim to bring back in a year.

One last post in the US, deserves one last picture, so I'll put one up from my 24th Birthday, just over a week ago. 24 years old and over 30 countries to my name, along with 6 continents. I'm hoping to get down to Antarctica at some point while I'm so close to it. The last continent, within striking distance, I think that's in order.

So, enjoy the winter and keep on living the dream.

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Rocking the headband at work

Check out the homemade chef's hat

Dodger Blue baby

I leave for New Zealand in a week. Been in New England for about 2 weeks now, working at the Ridge, cooking up a storm. Been doing the breakfast-lunch shift, meaning I work from 6am until 2pm, so right when you get done with your lunch break, I'm getting off, having worked 8 hours, sweated up a storm and made countless bellys happy. The reviews have been good, which rocks considering I'm cooking for anywhere between 20-40 people on average.