Tuesday, June 9, 2009

I've been in the new flat for over 2 weeks and things are going great. Went to the dump shop today where everything is super cheap and they sell literally everything from skis to paints to candlesticks. Got some excellent things to finish up the room with the highlights being a sliding door that has become the top of my table. It's all polished and comes complete with a brass handle that gives it good character to match the flat. I also got an old poster of James Dean advertising for McDonalds. Not sure if it's legit, but it's pretty funny.

Been super busy at work as always. Just did 40 hours in 4 days, over a busy weekend which was fun, but tiring. Went with a friend to see Shakespeare's Richard II done in a circus style. Different, interesting and hilarious. Also went to a mate's birthday party at an old cinema he'd rented out on Friday night. Awesome venue, with lots of old movie memoribilia and some classic films to watch.

The weather had been super cold, but we just had a good week of sun most days, after not seeing it for 5 days. Slight snow flurries in that patch, but now we're on to traditional fall weather down here after setting record lows. It's tolerable and the room isn't too cold which is nice. Plus working in a kitchen with free heat is an extra bonus.

View from my living room

James Dean munching on some McDonalds poster I bought at the dump shop

My table, set up with 6 milk crates and an old polished sliding door for the top, full of books and paint

The room setup these days

The bread crates that keep my bed above ground and airated