Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Hello! You still out there? Someone has been slacking on the blog front. Life's been busy in Wellington, filled with work, friends, a new flat and some cold weather. It's been 3 months since I got back from my van travels. Time has flown by, but it's good to be in a fun city with a lot going on and busy days.

Midnight Espresso is still as busy as ever, the students are back from their 2 week holiday which did slow things down a bit, but now with the youth and a new pinball machine, the cafe is bumping. I've added some new spicy peanut egg rolls to the counter food as well as continuing to make my vegan and gluten free chocolate nut cupcakes that sell big time. It's fun to try new things out and then to perfect them and make them something that people come back for.

Although I have a full time job, it feels like a holiday for me as it's fun and laid back and I only work 4 days. Still almost 40 hours in 4 days isn't exactly easy on the body with lots of standing up. But it's a good time and I'm still enjoying it. With my days off I've been getting a lot of music from the library as well as books to catch up on everything from ancient numeric systems to trademark logos. Plus on Mondays I can get any movie for $1 at the local video shop so I'm playing catchup with some movies.

I'm in the final stages of extending my visa. Immigration called to check on payment and said all was in order, so it sounds like it passed, but I haven't received the official confirmation yet. With the visa extension, I'll be able to stick around until Sept 2010 if I want to. Just keeping the options open.

Lastly, the flat is still going great. My German flatmate Stefan got the travel bug from our travels around and decided to take off for Indonesia. So he's been gone for a couple weeks now and we have a new guy in his room now. Now I'm the only foreigner here, living with 5 Kiwis. Still a fun place and we're having a good time together, joking around and going out. It's a great flat with an amazing view and good times.

Hope all is well with everyone. Must be warmer up in the northern hemisphere. We average around 10 degrees celcius now which is high 40s in farenheit. Pretty nippy with the wind when it's in full effect, but managable. Can't wait for the summer to come again, plus I'm planning a trip to Samoa in the near future to get some warm island beach experience in.