Friday, August 21, 2009

The weather has turned and it's definitely spring with sunny days, and clear cold nights. The allergy season has started for people and we get more and more sunlight. It just gets better and better.

Today I've been out urban golfing with some mates around town. We play different holes around town that we made up, choosing some spot in the distance, around the corner, across a back alley, over stairs etc. which we then hit our tennis balls towards. The slight hills around town make it a challenge, plus parked cars and busy streets, but it's a damn good time. Plus the golf fashion is in full effect.

Every Saturday I've been playing hoops with my mate Steve from work with other people. Getting more and more people and today had our first fullcourt game of 4x4. Good times and new people every week.

In the month of August, the zoo is only $5 on Wednesdays so Rebekah from work and I went to check out the new monkeys, Pgymy Marmosets, smallest in the world and the rest of the animals. The monkeys are about the side of a coke can and walk in slow motion, with quirky head motions, plus they look funky. Check out the pic down below. The best 2 animals at the zoo are the red panda (more of a racoon)and the sun bear (more of a monkey bear). Watched the tiger get fed and fed a giraffe myself.

Got a trip to Samoa coming up in a few weeks for the birthday. Going to get solid summer sun, hike to waterfalls and volcanos, swim to underwater caves and go down natural rock slides on waterfalls as well as chilling at the beach.

Work's going good as always, busy as with the good weather and making some great food. I've got the art of making a basic coffee down as well as rocking the kitchen. Good people there, one big happy family.

Feeding the giraffes at the zoo
Marmoset monkeys at the Wellington zoo, smallest in the world

Morning sunrise from our balcony