Sunday, October 11, 2009

Ah yeah, sweep of the Cards in the first round. Divisional series coming up. Pretty pumped about it down in New Zealand. Rocking it like they should, a return to the glory days of the late 80s.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Urban Golf

We hit up the streets of Wellington once again for a round of golf in parking lots, alleys and side streets. The fashion was in full effect and there was actually a hole in one, sadly not mine.

For those who don't know, urban golf is the sport of golf played with a tennis ball around the city, finding potholes down alleys to use as holes, going up and down levels, around corners and with many water hazzards (puddles) in the way. It's a blast having people stop and check us out around town, not sure what we're doing, although it's pretty obvious. Golf clubs, golf attire and balls, pretty simple stuff.

Here's some pics for better clarification:

Friday, October 2, 2009

Sad day in island paradise

Super sad news about Samoa. I spent 4 nights in one of the hardest hit places, over 40 dead there. Pretty crazy seeing the Friday paper with before and after pictures of where we stayed on the cover. Just devastaed. I have the same before picture and now it's completely gone. On the news footage I saw an empty cement block where theh dining hall and bar had once stood. Quite different from all the fun times we had there.

Thoughts go out to all the families in Samoa. Tough times. But I'm glad I was able to see the country and enjoy the culture before it was changed.