Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Flat roast

Had us a traditional Kiwi roast the other night. Roast pork with roasted veg (sweet potato, carrot, parsnip, potato, garlic and pepper) along with mint peas, gravy and apple sauce. It was a feast and fed all 6 of us. Damn fine stuff cooked up by Laura. Fun stuff to get the flatmates all together for a meal, chatting it up. Good people and been a fun flat so far.
Pic of Laura and Sam cutting up the roast, plus one of the steaming roast on our olive green 70s counter

Roller Derby

Last weekend I went to my first roller derby game. To put it short, it was amazing. One of my workmates is on a team and so as well as supporting her, the fact that women wearing leotards on roller skates bump each other as a sport sounds amazing. Fairly simple rules, the skaters have one person who can score, called the jammer. The jammer scores points by skating past her teammates. The other 4 on the team try to allow her to get by, while the 4 on the other team try to stop her. Simple stuff.

The arena was packed, over a 1000 people there for the championship bout (not a match, or game, but a bout). Signs supporting their favorite players, such as Thigh Voltage, Huttbreaker or Punk Pantha for example. Lots of enthusiasm that just grew with the game as people actually started to understand what was going on. Towards the end, it got close, but my mate's team, Smash Malice won. Big celebration and the crowd loved it.

As Wellington is pretty small, there are only 2 teams so far and they practice with each other, so there's no real animosity. Good natured and yet physical, the girls battled to the finish, with some good time spent in the penalty box for being too rough. I thought it was a great sport, but my mates weren't so sure, with a couple saying one and done, but I'm keen for the bout against Auckland in a few weeks. Here are some pics and videos to check out.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Yesterday hit both the lower and upper parts of society with visits to the mental hospital and a red carpet movie premiere.

One of our most loyal and crazier customers is a local busker named Simon, always in the cafe, from when I get there to at the end of the day at 3am when we close. Quite a character and always with interesting stories and hypotheses. Not exactly everyone's favorite person, but someone you expect to see. Couple days ago we got a call that he was in the mental hospital and wanted to see some friendly faces, so I went with my co-worker, Rebekah, to check him out.

First trip to the land of the crazies was pretty fun. Signing in and then going through 5 long corridors through lots of doors to get to the ward he was in, and then got locked into his ward. Got a big ol' hug and lots new stories, which were still along the same lines as before. He's living large there with free coffee, food and a private room, along with a shrink and the best yet, a basketball court. Fenced in outside, next to the smoking room, we shot a few hoops, watched the short guy try to dunk it over and over to no avail and had Simon demand a tornado to come along with the wind. Hypotheses ranged from the the silent revolution, to how England looks like a man sitting on a pig. He'll be out soon, within the week most likely, as he's not as nuts as the woman who kept talking to herself and pacing the halls the entire time.

In the evening I attended the premiere of the German Film Festival, first annual with the German ambassador, Wellington Mayor and other hot shots, including 2 German film directors. Pretty sweet stuff, being in the largest theatre where they had the Lord of the Rings premiers.

The red carpet led into the foyer where an old Trabi (standard East German car) was chilling. Going on 20 years since the wall fell down, Nov 9th coming up. This festival is to tell the story of Germany and the stuggles around that time, and the film shown did just that. With a reception of free German beer, wine and snacks afterwards, it was quite a nice evening. Saw a bunch of familiar faces from the Goethe Insititute who I'm still in touch with as well as other friends from around town.

Quite a solid day off after a day of beating my squash partner in 3 out of 5 games, damn if feels good to be a gangster.