Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Trip plannin

So after being grounded in the US for over 6 months now, the next trip is being booked. I bought a ticket last night to Costa Rica in early July to go travel around with one of my Dutch friends. Going to be around a month or so down in a couple countries in Central America. No end date yet, just a one way flight. Not sure how many countries, but Costa Rica and Nicaragua are in for sure.

I'd had an offer to work as a tour guide driver up in Alaska, taking cruise ship passengers from the ship to the Alaskan Brewing Co up in Juneau. Would've been working the summer season up there (65 F high in July) and lived it up surrounded by killer whales, glaciers and traveling by dogsled. But the idea of spending summer on white beaches, zip-lining and drinking coffee in the high hills was just too good to pass up.

So I've got a couple months left in Portland before off with the backpack again. The sun is paying us more visits, the Blazers keep teasing us with a potential first round upset, and there are still too many restaurants to choose from.

On a side note, my mom is in Bhutan, and I'm extremely jealous. Look it up, one of the best, most hidden countries out there that has yet to feel the wrath of over-tourism.

On another side note, did anyone see Kobe's 2 dunks last night in game 5 of the series? Lakeshow in full effect, going all the way for Phil's last threepeat.