Sunday, June 12, 2011

My backpack

To prep for the Central American trip, I bought a new backpack that should be perfect for my 6 weeks on the road. It's recommended as a 3-5 day hiking trip pack, but I aim to get a lot more out of it. Several key features include a built in raincover which will come in quite handy as I'll be going in the rainy season. Still hot and humid out, just have to shower in rain for a couple hours a day.

The pack has a suspension backing which is like trampoline material, and keeps the pack an inch away from my back, keeping the back sweat to a minimum. Since I last bought a pack, this is the new and top of the line method for back support/sweat management. Going to be a fun trip. It's got a volume of 42 litres and right now, what I plan to take, makes the pack about half full, so plenty of room leftover for whatever comes up.

So I've got 3 weeks to go. Leaving July 3rd to arrive early July 4th in San Jose, Costa Rica. Keeping my streak of July 4ths in different places alive. Dating back to 2001, I've bounced all over for the Fourth. Highlights include Boston, Albania, the oldest celebration in Bristol, RI and the ol' classic on the beach, Malibu July 4th.

I head back up stateside, to Los Angeles August 18th, and will be around the area for a week or so. If you're around there, let's meet up. Don't know where I'm going after, but it'll work itself out quite nicely I'm sure.