Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Farm to island

Finished up working on the Nicaraguan farm on Tuesday morning and spent the next 26 hours traveling via 3 buses and 2 boats out to the amazing island paradise of the Corn Islands. Pretty rough travel at times, but made it through with a few new friends and am set to live the good life on a beautiful pair of islands.

Monday, August 1, 2011

Colourful Leon doorway
Leon church complete with VW transportation
Leon Cathedral
Granada city scene
Granada cathedral just down the street from the hostel

Here{s a video of the double volcano island of Ometepe, Nicaragua. Loved the time relaxing out on the island, hiking and kicking it.

Im in Leon now, the 2nd of 2 colonial cities before I head to the coffee farm. Leon is better than Granada in my opinion, easier to walk and dosent feel so cramped. Again, churches, colourful buildings and not much more. I{m looking forward to getting away from the cities and into the wild again.

Today is day one of travel to the coffee farm where Ill work for a week. The place Im going is pretty remote and the bus schedules dont match up for one day of travel sadly unless I left this morning at 5:20am. So Ill be stopping off in the mural crazy town of Esteli for a night and to relax. Check out the murals:

Then farming time! Dont know much about what Ill be doing, but thats half the fun of it. Just going to show up and rock the farm for the next week or so.