Saturday, September 10, 2011

Los Angeles after 3 weeks

So I've been bouncing around the Los Angeles area for over 3 weeks now. The time just flies by as always, and it's been a blast catching up with old friends and reconnecting with old high school mates. I've been all over the region, from Malibu out to Norwalk to Huntington Beach. Been fun testing out the efficient public transportation system, which just takes a long time.

Being back in LA, I had to go to a Dodgers game. Went with my dad to watch them score 8 runs in the 2nd inning, including a home run as they whooped up on the Padres. Not sure if it's me being in town, but the Dodgers have now won almost all of their games since I've been here and have jumped up the rankings. That's how it's done, and I"m looking forward to the next season where they can carry on with the winning.

I'm flying back to Portland this afternoon, to rock the Northwest again. Time to get back to making some money instead of spending spending spending. But after over 2 months of travel, from Central America to Los Angeles, I've still got money and am still living the good life. Thanks to everyone who has hosted me over this trip, and allowed me to keep on traveling and having fun everywhere!

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Farming pictures

Hope you enjoy some pictures from my stint on a Nicaraguan farm. I spent a good two days picking the bean plants, sweating in the fields. The lower back was killing me after being bending over to pull the plants out. After a couple days of drying in the sun, we laid the bean plants out on a huge plastic tarp, and gave them a good beating with sticks, which shook the beans out of their dried out pods. Gravity sent them to the bottom of the tarp, so we were able to collect them fairly easily. We ended up with over 50 pounds of beans, ready to be cooked for dinner.

I worked with Ranae, an awesome farmer down there. Although she has no cows, she asked if I could milk a neighbors and low and behold, there I was, struggling to get milk out.

Pretty much every day we would go out and pick baby corn. Stalks sometimes grow two ears of corn. Normally one is the runt and one is the big ear. By picking through and taking out the small ears, the stalk can focus on growing just the one big ear of corn. So we help the stalk grow better ears of corn, and get some tasty baby corn to eat, raw or cooked.