Tuesday, January 31, 2012


This past Sunday, I went with a couple friends up to the high ground nearby Mt Hood to go snowshoeing around a lake. It was a lovely 43 degrees to keep the body warm and even break a sweat. The snow was packed down pretty good, but looked to be at least 4 feet deep (as you can see from the picture of the pedestrian crossing sign. On the sides it was higher and I could get in some good tromping and fully use the snowshoes as they were made. Pretty sweet stuff, and pretty sweaty stuff. Not easy dragging extra things on your feet. The legs were a bit tired on the way back and the right foot got a nice ol' blister as a souvenir. A jolly time out, enjoying nature and winter, before back in to work.

I'm currently working my tail off with my two jobs. Still cooking part time (at least once during the week and both weekend nights) as well as working for Toyota in their parts distribution center, so needless to say, the days are busy as is. But the credit card debt will paid off on the next statement, which makes things that much brighter. Still rocking and rolling as always, and keeping Portland better off. That's what I do.

Monday, January 9, 2012

New Years on the Oregon Coast

So for this past New Years I headed out to the Oregon Coast with a group of friends to stay at a cabin, go crabbing, and ring in the new year. Quite relaxing out there, and surprisingly good weather. Kinda nice to come around the bend, watch the clouds disappear and see the ocean. We had a large house on top of the dunes, hot tub and large kitchen. Plus a Nintendo 64 with an NBA game from 1999 which was awesome,despite Kobe not in the starting lineup.

We cooked food for every meal, feasting with 8 of us out there. On the Saturday, we rented 2 boats and went crabbing. Pretty much you leave your traps in the water for 15-20 minutes and then come back to pull up quickly and see if you caught anything. Frozen chicken was the bait and apparently, wasn't so tasty. We didn't strike it rich and the crab dinner became crab appetizers. But it's been a bad season and there just wasn't much down there. Still, it was a blast to get out there on the water and cruise around the sandbanks, past seals and other crab boats.

Graham and Marcus checking out the trap with a crab in it

Graham and Marcus lovin the boat
Pulling up one of the 3 traps
The best way to get back into the boat after stopping on a sandbar to check out seals

Free ride!

Heap of seals

Man on the moon

Rocking the Oregon Coast

What the Oregon Coast is all about

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Powell Butte hike pictures

Pictures from a sunny day in wintery Portland. Mt Hood rocking the background as always.