Sunday, March 10, 2013

Washington Coast

So the weekend after spending over a week with the family in Mexico playing with Gray Whales, I headed off to the Washington Coast, to the the Long Beach Peninsula with a group of college friends.  Quite nice to get out and about in the NW and enjoy what it has to offer.

We stayed at a fun boutique hotel in Long Beach, which is a very small town.  Seems like we saw everything it had to offer, ate at all the restaurants, got to know some locals and even checked out some of the smaller towns nearby.  lots of oysters around, and we picked some up for appetizers.  We also grabbed some clams to toss into the batch of Paella we would whip up on the beach.

The Oregon/Washington coasts are long, flat beaches with cars driving on them, people wearing pants and fleeces pretty much year-round.  A far cry from the beaches in LA,but still a grand old time.

The Paella was one of the highlights, as well as biking around on beach cruisers, both on the beach, and on the path through the dunes.  We saw a Gray Whale skeleton, which made me feel right at home.

Enjoy the pictures!!  It's my last 6 weeks in Portland before taking off to travel the world again, a sort of bittersweet ending to my time in Portland.  Can't wait to go travel, and yet Portland's been a great city to live in, with great people, food and activities.