Monday, March 31, 2014

Beach Volleyball

Keeping that Sisbros spirit alive!  Had a great time out playing beach volleyball with a heap of couch surfers last night.  One of those perfect end of summer days where there was barely any wind on the beach and the weather was perfect.  Couldn't pass up a trip to the beach for some volleyball action.  Felt good to be diving around in the sand and enjoying the beach life in Australia.  Been a busy last week with starting a new job and moving into a new house, so things are officially golden!  Living it up down here in Australia!

Saturday, March 29, 2014

Sun is still shining in Australia!  Sorry to all those still knee deep in snow in the northern hemisphere.  Getting cooler here, but still some amazing end of summer days.  Living it up for everyone, don't you worry!

(And I respect Rondo, the player.  Not really a Celtics fan, but for $2, I had to buy the jersey and represent the NBA down here.  Just wish it had been a Lakers jersey, or an Arizona Wildcats.  March Madness in the house!)

Sunday, March 16, 2014

Weekend Festivals

Working some festivals around Melbourne at the end of summer is a good way to enjoy the city, be outdoors and make some money.  Here are some pictures from one of the festivals, which was right on the river in downtown Melbourne.  There was a water skiing competition, numerous rides and carnival games, many international bands playing on several stages and more.  Great vibes out there during the day, with fireworks each night.  Definitely  a fun time to be in Melbourne making money.  Here are a few pictures: