Tuesday, October 28, 2014

NorCal Fun Continues

More good vibes around the Bay Area.  Been exploring north and south of the city, seeing some amazing small beach towns, epic views, and getting to know what's going on in NorCal.  Of course, the main attraction is seen above, the Golden Gate.  Driving through it for the first time in 15+ years was awesome and I treated it as a visitor should, with lots of pictures.  It's the way to get to Marin County in the north, full of relaxing vibes, small towns and windy roads.  Different than the big city life, and still close in to all the action, it is an amazing contrast and the perfect spot to get away and just enjoy life.  Here are a few pictures from the time up north:

Shannon and I at Point Reyes (windiest spot in the west coast)

Elephant seals whooping it up and soaking up some sun

Probably what the SF Bay looked like back in the day

You can't be right next to the big city without exploring it a bit too.  Spent another day out and about, capturing the Golden Gate from Lands End Park, enjoying the sights along Haight and taking in the view from Twin Peaks.  Always something going on all over the place, and with blue skies and sunshine, people have been out and about loving life.  Only way to do it.

Golden Gate popping through!

Up on top of Twin Peaks

Ayrika and I on Twin Peaks

Amoeba Records, chock full of music and amazinness!

Friday, October 24, 2014

A day in the Mission

I spent yesterday exploring the Mission District in San Francisco, quite the hopping place, diverse, eclectic and entertaining.  People all over, sitting at the cafes, hanging in the parks, putting up new street art and just being alive.  It's a neighborhood full of life, offering most amenities that you would want in a city, and is super close to downtown SF and all other parts of California's largest city up north.

Here are a few pictures from the day, mostly of the street art which is everywhere.  There is a definite Latino vibe to the area which is captured by the murals. 

The Mission of which the area is named after

The Women's Building

Represent the Peacock yo!

Clarion Alley, full of street art action

Monday, October 13, 2014

Appalachian sunset with the Blue Ridge mountains in the background

After a couple weeks of harvesting apples and living off the land in Virginia, it was time to hop on a bus or two and head north, popping into a couple more cities and States along the way back to the family in Boston.   It's quite nice to go with the flow, so when a few friends tell you to stop by their cities, you do it. 

The first was in Washington, D.C., to have a capital time of it. And man, was the weather good for a day of exploring. A perfect autumn day of blue skies with a slight crisp bite to the air. If only DC summer days were as good, then the city would be swarmed by even more. First up was a walk to the White House, an easy 15 minute walk from my friend Pat's apartment. Tons of security and fencing and no president in sight. Then on to the WWII memorial with a happy collection of vets having their photo taken. Next was the Lincoln Memorial for the best view in town. Always packed, always impressive, perhaps the best memorial (Jefferson is good for having less people and a great tidal basin) and it was good to rest up and enjoy the happy action of the tourists. 
Looking for Obama-rama

Vets at the WWII Memorial

The MLK Memorial was new to me and is cut from a striking piece of rock. Quotes from the great man abound and it makes you think of the few non-presidents who have such an impact on the United States (also see Benjamin Franklin on that 100 dollar bill). 

Having lunch at the Department of Energy was next with another friend and then it was on to a couple of amazing, free museums. More fun out and about with friends later on, eating Eritrean food, checking out the view from a DC rooftop and eating an amazing Popsicle at a spot owned by friends (www.pleasantpops.com). The next day was a promotion ceremony at the Walter Reed Army Medical Center and checking out the ICU wing, all set up for Ebola and sparkling clean. Not your everyday DC tour. And that's why you get to know the good people.

Afternoon cloudness
View from the Lincoln Memorial

Korean War Memorial

Jefferson Memorial

Soaking up the view from the Lincoln Memorial

Pictures from the life in rural Virginia

Part of the apple orchard I worked in

Autumn colours
Buffalo Mountain up ahead

Lots of open green out about

Typical country roads we'd drive around on

Sunset over the Blue Ridge Mountains from Buffalo Mountain

Full on Appalachian panorama from the farm
Eliza climbing up high to shake down some Wolf River apples
Red fleshed crab apples perfect for making apple jelly

Ain't that a purty picture?