Thursday, March 12, 2015

Time to get the garden going

Dino Kale, Red Chard and Cilantro taking off

So the garden's been planted and things are starting to take off.  The starters have taken root and have been thriving.  On the seed front, the lettuce seems to be doing pretty good with sprouts popping up all over the place.  Looking good, although my straight lines have somehow disappeared.  A couple types of lettuce should be good to go to feed the household in Santa Cruz.  The zucchini seems to have decided against the soil with no sprouts (maybe one) and the carrots have just a few.  So I've reseeded some zucchini in a tray to start again and get things moving upwards.  Going to be lots of salad going around this summer, and with all the vegetables I get from working at an organic market, the food bounty will be something to behold indeed.

Monday, March 2, 2015

Like the avocado said...

So I work at a local community market in Santa Cruz, where the produce is local and organic and the vibes are amazing.  People love the spot and have been coming for 20 years.  It's been pretty fun to get to interact with the customers, hear stories and simply talk of food, California, the beach, the waves and life.  Very laid back, and chill, just the way I like it.

Recently the store put up employee picks, where we got to say what product we liked the best.  The answer for me was a no brainer, since I eat around 7 avocados a week.  A perk of the store is that we get the produce that is bruised/soft/funky and cannot be sold.  So I get to pick through the culled produce and grab amazing organic goodness all the time.  I wind up with a bunch of avocados which end up in guacamole, in salads, in sandwiches or with eggs.  Pretty much all the time, which makes life golden.  Tis the good life in California!

Here is how my love of avocados has been shown in the store:

Mazel Tov!