Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Cause you love those seals!

Tuesday, December 1, 2015


What the common folk down below see looking up top on the "enchanted hill"

So a trip to the southern section of Big Sur wouldn't be complete without popping in to see the rich, grandeur of Hearst Castle.  William Hearst waited til both his parents passed, and he gained full control of the property and family moneys to start building this "ranch". It took almost 30 years, underwent many renovations along the way, such as expanding the outdoor swimming pool twice.  There are still a few unfinished parts, but overall, it is nuts.  So much of Europe and past histories are there, along with ornate designs built under a century ago.  Truly a gem, it is worth the stop on any California trip.  If you are in the area, that is.  Not exactly close the main spots in the state, it is often the focal point of trips, as well as the elephant seal sanctuary nearby.  Here are some pictures:

La Casa Grande, his house on the hill.  Spanish church styled bell towers are easy to see from all over

Casa del Sol, known for epic sunsets over the ocean.  Yes, this is one of 3 guest houses

Palms, blue skies, and California's largest private home

The infamous Neptunes Pool, twice enlarged and now under a new renovation

One of the wildmen guarding the front door to La Casa Grande

Average dining room in California

Private theater that seats 50.  Watched some home videos with Charlie Chaplin and other famous people from the 1930s

Sekhment, an ancient Egyptian god with the head of a lioness and bust of a woman.  Oldest art on the premises


The indoor swimming pool, underneath the tennis courts.  He designed it so you dive into the night sky, and then come up into the beach, a reverse of sorts