Wednesday, April 13, 2016


I took off early Monday morning to have time to cruise through Big Sur.  I would be going to the southern section, a good couple of hours away by car.  After passing Monterey and Carmel, I was in Big Sur country, full of crazy rocks, waves, towering redwoods, wildflowers, epic mountains and a whole lot of empty space to be explored.  This is one of the best places in the whole world, encompassing the ocean, the mountains, the rivers, the valleys all in one place.

I hiked the Prewitt Ridge Loop trail, heading up through switchbacks opening up onto epic views of Sand Dollar Beach and the coastline.  At the first fork I went right (found out later I should've got left) which led me through thick foliage for a good hour of rough hiking through an untamed trail.  At my first break, I checked out my calf that felt like it had been scratched through my pants.  One side showed no scratch, the other side, well, that's where the tick had buried himself.  Used the old fashioned fingertips method to get that bugger out.  With the fighting through the bush and the tick, I was about done with the rough hiking, and I looked and saw this ridge with an oak tree in the distance.  That place looked amazing, so I headed there to set up camp.

Such a perfect spot for a campsite, right off of a trail (which I would later learn was the correct trail).  Set up camp and soaked up the view.  Straight relaxing and living it up with Mother Nature with no one else within a few miles.  Can't beat that.  Perfect way to spend time in Big Sur, especially after hiking on the wrong trail.

Sometimes you have to tilt the earth to see it all

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Camping in paradise

Just a snippet from a perfect campsite overlooking the epicness that is Big Sur.  If only every Monday was like this...