Thursday, September 8, 2016

Amazingness in the land of nothingness

I found myself out in the middle of the countryside, outside of small town Sonoma County, away from the buzz of the wineries and civilization.  Just a simple stage, one that was used many a time in the last century, opened up on the back of a truck.  Lights were strung out, tables with food and drink were set up, and blankets placed on the ground.  It was a night of merrymaking, of magic, of music and of freedom. 

To the sound of gypsy folk music (complete with stand up bass and a bassoon to match the accordion), a magician pulled flowers, scarves and finally a chicken out of a tuba.  Later on, he would show us a sword, cutting an apple in half with it, and then proceed to swallow the sword, as if it were the naturalist thing in the world.  The chicken remained present, wandering around, being chased by the local dog.

A different man, dressed as the devil, emerged with a single flame, which he swallowed like he was a cat eating a goldfish.  He filled up a bowl with liquid, lit it on fire, and then spooned it into his mouth like cereal.

A while later, an electronic, indie folk band came on and jammed out, separating the sounds of cicadas with smooth music, varied singers and 3 piece harmonies.  In between songs, they talked of the magic in the air and how special it was to play in an enchanted location.

What began with a brunch feast of eggs, potatoes, pancakes and fresh fruit, turned into quite the amazing day.  Not bad for a Monday.