Sunday, October 21, 2012


It's fall,  and that means pumpkin time out here in the NW!  Washington grows a ton of apples, and we have some here, but none super close by, so everyone heads out to Sauvie Island to pick their pumpkins, get lost in the corn maze, get muddy and drink some tasty apple cider.  Tis the season indeed!

Spend this afternoon with good friends, Shannon, Shannon and Eric living it up in the NW.  Pretty decent weather for a day when it was supposed to have thunderstorms.  Here are some pictures of the day's happenings.

Bout to enter the Maize!

That's right, I'm running the show with the pitchfork

Not a raindrop in site!

Little pumpkin motivation for me

Ain't it just a Corn-undrum?

Let's just say, we weren't the only ones with the pumpkin idea

My pumpkin awaiting my arrival

Mite orange out there

Eric and I capturing two 24 pound pumpkins

The crew with their pumpkins.  All crouching because I cut off our heads in the first picture

Sunday, October 14, 2012


Now that's a tasty tomato chutney!  Just like what I had back in NZ

1,2,3 large mason jars full!  Come over and feast with us!

Friday, October 12, 2012

Seattle wedding time

Last weekend I went up to Seattle for the wedding of my good friend and old Salzburg roommate, Price.  It was the perfect fall weekend up in Seattle weatherwise, super sunny in the day, high 70s and blue skies.  Although I'm a big Portland fan, and definitely choose that city over the northwestern city above us, Seattle definitely looked good.  People out and about enjoying themselves, sailing in the lakes, eating out and being happy. 

 Wedding party looking sharp
 Loads of sailboats out on Lake Union

 Pretty badass landmark which is easy to spot
Here are a few pictures.  The wedding was right on Lake Union, so that's where the photos are from, and of course, that's where the life preserver came from.  Don't just find those things lying around everywhere you know.  Got to give a little contrast to the suit.

Unfortunately at the wedding reception, I ate some salmon that would end up causing me a world of havoc and rip my stomach apart.  Yup, food poisoning.  Tasted great, and yet a few hours later, whoo-weee, had a rough couple of days.  But now back to being on top of the world and rocking it.  If the expression "whatever doesn't kill you, makes you stronger" is true, I'm continuing to build an iron stomach that will be fortified against future food issues.  So I say... bring on India!