Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Lake Llanquihue

Here are a few photos taken from a tour I tool around Lake Llanquihue.   The lake is surrounded by the Andes, 2 volcanoes and small towns. We stopped by a couple lagoons, visited some epic waterfalls at Petrohue,  went to the chairlift on the volcano to hike as high as you could without gear and got a good taste of the area. Hiking through craters on the volcano was awesome, with so many different colors of volcanic rock. Snow covered up top and with parts that felt like outer space,  it was another good experience on a volcano in Chile.

Small towns such as Llanquihue and Frutillar were full of people on the beaches drinking fresh juices and looking over the lake at the volcanoes. I relaxed a bit and even found an awesome Bierfest at the local German Club. Loud, boisterous and full of German food and local beers, I had a blast.

Using the blogger app so I apologize for the layout. But that's the traveling life. At least you get a cute picture of a grey fox (zorro chilla ) from the adventures. We were reading a sign about the foxes and then boom, there the fox was. Amazing. 

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