Saturday, January 21, 2017

The life in Chile

After being in Chile for 3 weeks now, I thought I'd give a few thoughts on the country. It's very efficient and reminds me of the US with both it's diversity of landscape and the cost.  Prices are pretty similar to back home, not the cheapest country for backpacking around in. Buy well worth it to meet the people,  experience the country and eat some darn good food.

Speaking of food, Chileans are definitely a Latin country, eating dinner super late. I've found myself going to the market after 8 pm to buy food to cook. This makes for later starts in the morning, but hey, it's vacation, and nothing happens too early in Chile apart from climbing volcanoes.

I've been on 3 boat tours so far, and each one has you pay when you're out in the middle of water. They'll often idle the engine and joke that they'll throw you off if you don't pay. Classic Chilean humor.

At restaurants,  they will list the type of meat or fish, and then you have to order the rice or potatoes separately, at an extra charge. Same with a spaghetti place that you order your pasta for $8 and then choose your sauce for $2-4 more.

It's a great country and normally rates as travelers favorite country in South America. I've been loving it and have a few more days til I fly to Buenos Aires on Thursday.   Good times indeed!

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