Thursday, April 29, 2010

Indonesian photos

Brisbane photos

Indonesian life

So I'm back on Lombok after the 8 days in Gili Trawangan. I already miss it. Easy, fun life over there. Had a super cheap place to stay, some good mates and could just wake up, swim, relax, dive, watch NBA live, hike or just chill with a book. I knew the good places to eat and had a local spot that I went to about every day, sometimes twice a day cause I knew the food was good and would be a good price. They definitely knew me by the end. Ate a spicy peanut veggie dish 4 times total, cause it was so good.

The island is full of travelers, all staying in homestays. Most chill on the beach or in the cafes, while some take it up a notch and go to one of the 7 dive companies on the island to get underwater. The days went by without being bored, and pretty much always just loving it. Watched the sunset, the sunrise, the tides change and the moon get bigger and bigger. Plus learned which places to eat at and which not to. Can't get ripped off all the time and after a while, you feel like a local.

Today I rented a motorbike and road around the local villages, stopping off at a few temples, jumped off some rocks into the river coming from the volcano and fed some monkeys. They love peanuts, but get a little pushy after a while, so they stopped getting fed, almost had a monkey war going on.

Off to dinner, then crashing early for a 5am start to go hike Mt Rinjani, an active volcano, which is the 2nd largest in Indonesia. 3 days 2 nights on the mountain. Hell yeah

Lombok, Indonesia

I got out of Bali as soon as possible to get as far away as I would go on my trip to enjoy the quiet beach life and then slowly head back. So far it's going perfectly according to plan and everyone is saying that Bali isn't all that great, and that where I was on a small island was so much better. I definitely agree.

Gili Trawangan is an amazing small island packed full of culture, craziness, accomodation, cafes and bars, with no cars, just horse carts and bikes. I loved the place and spent 8 nights there, learning to dive, hiking, meeting new people and enjoying the great weather on the beach.

Diving was amazing. Started right off in the ocean, no swimming pool or theory for me, just the real deal. First time in the water was 6 meters and I ended up on my last dive going 30 meters, about 65 feet. I saw a shark, sting rays, an eel and several turtles on my last dive, definitely making it the best. Every dive, 7 in total, I saw turtles and got to pet them and watch them eat under water, way wicked. I saw Nemo every day too, chillig in his suction cup plant. I'm now officially qualified as a diver, to go up to 18 meters anywhere in the world.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010


So I made it in Sunday night to Bali, pouring rain outside made it fun on the taxi ride to my couch surfers house where I spent the next 2 nights. I explored Denpasar for a day checking out the streets filled with the local life, seeing only 3 white tourists all day. Which meant lots of walking around like a celebrity and having people wave to me and look at me wondering what I was doing with no main draws nearby. Fun to see the food stalls everwhere, people selling petrol out of absolute vodka bottles on the street, trash thrown around everywhere, shops selling practically everything, and lots of bargaining going on.

Today, I took a couple of minibuses to catch the ferry to Lombok, the island next door. The plan is to go as far away from bali at the start and then work my way back. Got ripped off on the ferry as was expected, but it's still cheap overall, but not like what the locals pay. Everyone raises the prices for the tourists, with that sexy white skin giving us away.

On the new island, I set up a tour to the paradise of Gili Trawangan, a small island on the ne coast of Lombok. Going to learn to scuba dive with a 4day course and then chill on the beach for a week total tiime. Then back to Lombok to hike the highest volcano over3 days and 2 nights, getting to watch the lava at the night and see the lakes at the top. So I've got my next 10 days booked and spent too much money in one day. Meaning basic fried noodle dinner before going back to my hotel room, snazzy with a fan up above.

So that's it for me, off to paradse tomorrow where i hope it isn't raining so much. Been raining pretty much all day today, so time to get to teh small island with no mountains to attract the rain. 3km x 2km so pretty small

Thursday, April 15, 2010


Chris, Hannah, Sandra and myself lawn bowling it up

Chilling with Chris, Sandra and Andrea by the Brisbane River
So I've been in Brisbane for a few days now, my last stop in Australia. I took the easy and almost as cheap option as taking the road up from Sydney, and flew here. 1.5 hours or 14 hours, was a no brainer. More time in the city to relax and chill, rather than perhaps more money on the road.

I've been enjoying it so far, good weather until today, so I've just been kicking it with a good coffee and now free internet at the library. Lots to do in the city, although Melbourne still ranks as the best city in Australia for me.

Been couch surfing here and everywhere, and again have made some good friends to explore the city with. Chris from Germany and Sandra from Denmark have both been good companions for exploring Brisbane. We've been lawn bowling with another couch surfer, spent time at the fake beach by the river, explored the funky parts of town, and had too many burgers in a short time, but rocked it anyways.

On Sunday, I'm off for Bali, the first country of many where English is not the number one language. Going to be amazing. New adventures to come. Looking to scuba dive, hike a volcano, chill on the beach and live it up. And probably repeat myself by writing that over and over in each blog, but it's going to be great.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Sydney and Melbourne Photos

Here's some photos for you guys:

Friday, April 9, 2010

Melbourne photos

Melbourne in the background from the war memorial
Rooftop bar action
Sonia and I on the Flinders St Bridge
Lots of cool graffiti everywhere
Classy Melbourne
View from St Kilda
Litter collection in the Yarra River
Street performer juggling fire at Federation Square

In Sydney

So I made it up from Melbourne to Sydney. Had been having a wicked time in Melbourne, made several friends and had a few places to stay through couch surfing, but decided to move up north to the big city in order to have a few days there and then a few days in Brisbane before taking off for Bali on the 18th.

I met a German named Herbert who was also going up to Sydney and decided he wouldn't kill me, and got a lift up with him, sharing petrol costs. Took 2 days, stopping off a few places, mostly for me to swim in the ocean. Nothing finer. Definitely more fun than going on the bus and got to talk a little German, plus learn some tips on traveling in SE Asia.

Arrived in the evening of Friday in Sydney and went to meet my couch surfing host, who happened to be having his big Seder dinner with his family. So Herbert and I had a big old feast with everyone and a fun night meeting the family. Turns out my host, Landon's brother, just had a baby named Justice so got to meet the mini version of my self. Pretty damn cool I'll tell ya.

Now up ready to rock a street festival nearby and explore the city for several days.

Pictures will be coming soon, from Melbourne and beyond.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Great Ocean Road

Cliffs and beach, perfect combo
Site of the morning swim at 7am after a night of camping

Surfer boys

Going on a surfing safari

The road, on the ocean, is indeed great

This past weekend, I organized a trip down the Great Ocean Road nearby Melbourne with 2 people from the flat I was staying at and 2 other couch surfers. Just over an hour away from Melbourne, the Road was supposed to be Great, and it lived up to the name.

Easter weekend was busy with lots of people, but had some of the best weather. We surfed 2 days, camped out for free nearby a beach and feasted upon homemade sandwiches whipped up for super cheap. A great 2 day trip, nice and cheap which was good for the wallet and tons of fun. Made some new friends out of it and improved the surfing skills.