Thursday, February 2, 2017


Argentinans can be quite blunt and use nicknames that we wouldn't use in the US. For example, several people are called gordo as a nickname,  meaning fat(ty).  Totally acceptable here compared to my native country where you don't mention someone's size as yiu don't want to hurt their feelings. I just called called flaco in the street to attract my attention. I can't recall strangers calling me skinny to talk to me. And this guy just wanted to tell me that there was a better cafe to go to than where I was headed. And now I'm at said cafe eating breakfast and using wifi. Skinny is winning the day!

The Argentinan breakfast is not my favorite. Super sweet, with not much for protein or nutrition. It does not set me up for a long day of walking and exploring. I'm a big advocate of breakfast being the most important meal of the day, and the tastiest. In the US, I cook breakfast several times a week and eat like a king. Here I'm all sugared up and hungry an hour later.

The standard some small sweet pastries, normally medialunas, little sweet croissants, of which you get butter and either jam or dulce de leche to put on them. This is your filler. Then it's a coffee, with our without milk, a small OJ and some mineral water. And that's it. Set for the day, my ass.

Needless to say, the few times I've found a "desayuno americano", that has eggs, I jump on it. When staying at someone's house, I've been offered crackers with jam,  cookies or bread. Not much there either. But I've got cereal and milk in my backpack right now as I head off to camp for 2 days. Time to get back to basics and start the day off feasting.

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