Tuesday, February 7, 2017

On to Argentina

After almost one month in Chile, it was time to switch countries and fly to Buenos Aires to visit Nadia, my foreignexchange sister. Can't believe it's been almost 20 years now. Since the late 90s my Spanish has improved, and yet the Argentinan accent is a tricky one.

Staying with Nadia and her daughter Olivia was a blast. Apart from her not having normal breakfast foods. Great location, great people and a fun balconyto hang out on and watch the city life below. We kept busy with exploring the city and eating. For two days we were just outside the city at a rented house by her boyfriends family. Awesomelocation with a pool and large barbecue and perfect to beat the heat in the big city.

Cooking asado, the Argentinan barbecue is a huge thing here, and Martin, Nadias boyfriend is un maestro. Literally they barbecue everything from the intestines to the liver to ribs. Quite the feast from 3 types of animals. They bring the food out one at a time to savor the flavor and not have too much out at a time. Delicious!   Especially the blood sausage with nuts and raisins inside.

Buenos Aires is huge and fun to explore, although I'd recommend not in the heat of summer when temperatures reach 100 daily. San Telmo was my favorite neighborhood with an epic Sunday street market. Great vibes there with some fun old buildings to explore and wonder how life used to be.

We walked through Palermo, filled with hipster cafes and shops and tree lined streets. Super chill and I found a spot with bacon and eggs. Later I came back to meet an old friend from college who is in the middle of a trip as well. This city attracts all the good people. La Boca is another highlight for its colorful buildings, street art, extremely filthy river, excellent pizza and dangerous streets. And off course the old cemetery in Recoleta was on the last to see famous graves and amazing masonry.

Good times in the federal city!

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