Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Up north in Córdoba, Argentina

Córdoba has been amazing to me. Feeling at home in Argentina's second largest city, which is full odd friendly people and surrounded by hills and forests to explore. From another excellent couch surfing experience to a great walking tour this city kept me busy. The pace is slower than in Buenos Aires, and it is more manageable to walk around the city center. Plus the city was one of the first to have running water and free wifi in Latin America. Which one of those is the cooler fact?

Maximilliano,my host had good tips for the city as well as a great connection out in the countryside. I love cities, but it was time to get back to mother nature. The regional train cost $.30 and took me to Casa Bamba, one hour away and into the middle of hills, rivers and waterfalls. Perfect!

I stayed at what they call a refugio, which is a place you can camp, cook in a kitchen and relax with some shelter. Dario has been running the refugio for 12 years and it is a super laid back venture on the property of a 160 year old tavern. Needless to say, beer is still a popular item these days. There were 2 hammocks to relax in and trails to explore. I stayed 2.5 days, finished a 500 page book, swam in waterfalls and hung out with Pacha,the dog as well as practiced my Spanish with the guests and Dario. Good times!

The main trail goes along the train tracks and offered great views along the way. 2 trains each way per day, so it turns into the main walkway. I loved the view of the tracks and the mountains, as well as the isolated spots along the river only accessible by the tracks. Quite relaxing to stay there, although there was massive rain the second night and I was awoken at 1:30 am and we moved all my stuff intoa large room so my tent wouldn't get soaked. Good people helping out. So really 1.5 nights camping in my tent.

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